September 12, 2020

Education through experience

Education through experience | The Life India      The secret of life is not enjoyment but education through experience~Swami Vivekananda


The above quote definitely tells us that education always had to be through experience and probably we call it the way for experiential learning. National Education policy has come at the right time, when we could see the paradigm shift in education during the Pandemic. It needs to be considered as a humble and alarming reminder to revamp the system of education. It is based on the principle that education must develop not only cognitive capacities – both the ‘foundational capacities ’of literacy and numeracy and ‘higher-order’ cognitive capacities, such as critical thinking and problem solving – but also social, ethical, and emotional capacities and dispositions which is one of the important goals out of 17 Sustainable developmental goals. An interesting fact is Goal no.04 is not only a goal rather the only tool to achieve all other goals and hence it becomes more evident for us to revamp the education system if we are talking about achievement of the 2030 SDG set by UNESCO.

The next very step and brainstorming will be on how what, and when to implement NEP. The framework is ready but definitely the stakeholders in the pyramid need to pave a path. This leaves us with many such questions, do we look forward a standard curriculum to ensure the foundational capacities goal by 2025 is achieved across the country, what is the definition of assessment, how do we educate and create awareness with the parent community with this much-needed outlook towards education? and so on.

With the revised policy, are we ready with the mindset of scrapping out the myth of one size fits all, will marks or grades decide a child’s ability, are we looking forward to teachers to be friends of the kids and not their supervisors so that they create their own self-organized learning environment?….

It’s time to collaborate, research & innovate at each level and most importantly, history has shown us that research and innovation thrive only when society is open and liberal.

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