May 2, 2020

Take it Easy

The last memory of a similar lockdown I experienced was back in 1984, during the Anti-Sikh riots that affected North India. I was in high school and it seemed like a long unexpected vacation to enjoy time at home. One day, I came back home and received the news that our Prime Minister was assassinated. Although the situation was critical, my heart was full of joy about not having to do any homework and the duration of the shutdown was uncertain.

I remember playing for long hours with my brothers and friends. We would spend time leisurely experimenting and exploring new games. This is also when I developed a liking for drawing,gardening, and calligraphy.

Those two months were the turning point where I realized my interests in handwork when a neighbor taught me embroidery and fabric painting. Though I was a good student academically, my parents were quite clear that the only profession suitable for me was teaching. I chose to go with my parent’s desire. This was also a great opportunity for me to use my techniques to teach children who find studies boring and stressful, and make it fun.

So here I am today, a creative educator/coach and a teacher trainer. I enjoy my work and my ‘take it easy’ approach has always helped my students to evolve and value learning.

I believe, learning is a natural process and works wonders when a child is given the space to nurture their curiosities. A good educator is one who is able to spark the interest in a child to attain knowledge and later be good not only in academics but in all the spheres of life.

Like Eklavya, one who is eager to learn will do so even in the most unfavorable situation.

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