Founder- Director at MUKTHA
Ashwini N.V is the founder and director of MUKTHA Foundation (An Initiative to Prevent Abuse and Promote Mental Health). She is an adjunct faculty member in the Post Graduate Department of Psychology at Jain University, Bangalore and Montfort College, Bangalore. She served as the co-ordinator of ‘Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy’, a collaborative effort of Montfort College, Bangalore and University of Toronto, Canada in the past. Her organization MUKTHA foundation was recognized by Kailash Sathyarthi , Nobel Peace Prize Winner as one of the committed organizations in the country fighting against child sexual abuse in September, 2017. She is a Gold Medallist in her Post Graduate studies. She is a NET (UGC) qualified educator of Psychology. Her doctoral work is pertaining to motives behind women choosing to burn themselves and their intra-psychic conflicts post surviving. She is a consultant to several non-governmental organizations working in the area of prevention of abuse and promotion of mental health. She has conducted hundreds of workshops on issues of psychological relevance, especially on prevention of abuse, counselling, and psychotherapy and capacity building programmes for teachers, parents, social workers and organizations. She is associated with Vimochana, a Bangalore-based women rights forum in their initiative to rehabilitate women survivors of burns and bring about policy level changes in collaboration with Government of Karnataka. She was recognized as one of the 100 ‘leaders under 30’ and as a leader of tomorrow from across the globe for her idea titled ‘FOCUS formula to foster mental health in low and middle income countries’ at St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland in May 2015. Her idea was presented amidst several world leaders including presidents and prime ministers of countries, top academicians and media professionals and the initiative was voted as the best among other proposals that came from researchers from over 120 countries.

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