Yoga teacher
A nourishing session starting with a few minutes of meditation pausing from the external world to tune in, followed by a vinyasa yoga flow to find space and open your heart inviting energy and positivity. You will be moving to your breath and the asanas will help you build your inner fire. We will wind down with a well deserved space in our hearts to rest and rejuvenate.

Yoga with Manasi

Born and raised in Madras, Manasi’s Yoga journey has been a part of her life at various levels. Her principles of life are very much on lines with the Yoga Philosophy. Asana practice drew her attention when she met with a back injury and couldn’t walk. Ever since experiencing the benefits of yoga physically as well as energetically, she has only strengthened up her belief system on it. An immersive teacher training program during her busy corporate life, just to grow deeper into her practice and work on self confidence, woke her up to actually teach and share the whole knowledge and power of yoga to as many people as she could. She stepped on to the teacher’s mat and has never looked back. For this mum of a toddler living in Dublin, it has been a hard start but she has found her feet and her community and is all about sharing her practice from her heart.

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