Ms. Georgette Yakman
Founder & CEO S.T.E.A.M Education, Virginia

Georgette Yakman is the founding researcher and creator of STEAM Education in 2006. She is currently a researcher, educator, consultant and policy advisor on PK12 professional development and implementation of integrative problem-based learning. Her STEAM framework includes a way for all the subjects to interrelate with each other and with a rapidly changing world for the purpose of developing reality-based, life-long learning skills called, “FUNctional Literacy for All.”

She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Clothing and Textiles, a Technology Education MaEd and an Integrated STEM post-master’s degree all from Virginia Polytechnic. She has worked as an architectural designer of period and historical homes and was VP of a clothing company in the US and Ecuador. Within a few years of becoming a teacher, she was president of her state teaching organization and Teacher of the Year with a regional technological
business group. As international regions began adopting the STEAM framework, she became a consultant helping develop programs in all 50 US states, 3 US Territories and 38 foreign countries, training over 3000 teachers globally. She has been recognized by many international groups with awards, speaking invitations,interviews and academic references.

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