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‘Inspire, Nurture, Transform’, The 3 attributes that define my professional journey thus far. A committed educator, passionate parenting coach, serial entrepreneur, leadership mentor and a brand champion with a sincere desire to make that difference in the lives of children and consequently, the world at large. Committed Educator: I’ve presented my paper at the NAEYC Conference 2014 in Dallas, TX about Humour in Early Childhood and in 2016 at Los Angeles, about Leadership Development in Children using Superhero Play. I’m a certified trainer for DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices) and help schools understand and implement the same through teacher training and curriculum enrichment. Passionate Parenting Coach: Passionate about the right practices in parenting, I offer sessions to help parents with targeted practices in the art of raising children. I’ve had the privilege of addressing parents at companies such as Oracle, Amadeus, HGS, etc. Being a mother myself, has been a very insightful and fun journey which I celebrate through my blog Leadership Mentor: I am the founder of LIFE, which is a dynamic initiative that focuses on educational leadership and organizational cultures. I am a member of the Board of Studies of Smt. VHD Institute of Home Science for the Master’s Program in Early Years Education. Brand Champion: I’ve been the Head of Karnataka Chapter, Early Childhood Association. I have been instrumental in managing and upholding the evidence of quality of Podar Jumbo Kids, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, with over 50 franchised centres under me. Having started, and training at Podar Institute of Education (Bangalore) and scaffolding the learning of future teachers has been an extremely gratifying experience.
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