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‘MP STEAM Conclave 2019’ organized by the Department of School Education, Madhya Pradesh and facilitated by LIFE, sought to ensure a renewed state-wide focus on STEAM in Madhya Pradesh school education,to ensure that all students are equipped with the necessary STEAM skills and knowledge that they will need to succeed.

The Bhopal-based STEAM Conclave,held on 30 and 31st October 2019 brought together leading national and international scholars, researchers, veteran educators, musicians, curriculum planning professionals, educational leaders and local governing bodies from Madhya Pradesh to discuss these key issues with a common goal to increase the participation of all students and the wider community, alongside the educational community, in the adoption of STEAM approach throughout Madhya Pradesh.

This two-day educational enrichment experience was meant to equip MP-based educators,curriculum specialists and educational department administrators to create amazing experiences to make STEAM more exciting and meaningful and LIFE is proud to be associated with this prestigious initiative organized by the Madhya Pradesh Department of School Education.

We feel honoured to have facilitated the largest STEAM conference in India, the MP STEAM Conclave, 2019. The inaugural ceremony was graced by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Kamalnathji; Hon’ble Minister of Education, Sri Prabhuram Choudhary; Respected Principal Secretary, Smt. Rashmi Arun Shami; Founder-Director of LIFE, Ms. Preethi Vickram and other dignitaries. We applaud their vision to make a difference in the education sector and propel growth in the right direction and appreciate the opportunity given to be part of this tremendous initiative.


The two-day ideating conference is intended as a trigger for change. The Hon’ble CM’s address stressed on the importance of change in the education system.

Ms. Jayanti Tambe Roy’s session

Mrs Jayanti Tambe’s hit recipe for a good early years teacher was the sessions highlight. According to her, a good teacher should have courage and curiosity among other things.
Her focus on ‘Hands on is minds on’ was an appropriate interpretation for STEAM in early childhood.
Mrs Jayanti pointed out that body is not a carrier of brain and as educators we need to focus on the use of the body for the child, this she said helps in the wholesome development of the child
The wide array of materials that educators got to use in her session to understand for themselves the joy of working hands on was another highlight.

Ms. Georgette Yakman’s sessions

Mrs Georgette Yakman spoke about the classification of the Arts so that it can be integrated into the Sciences and other subjects.
For her, Arts encompassed the Humanities which encompasses the Social Sciences. The session helped the delegates understand the way to make lesson plans that would integrate all the STEAM subjects.

Ms. Aparna Athreya’s session

Mrs Aparna Athreya said that it’s not about how one finds a story but how well we connect the story to the concept at hand. The session was delightful with the inclusion of three stories which served as the introduction of solute, solubles, sinking / floating, etc. She was able to highlight the importance of developing the 21st century skills, especially the development of critical thinking.

Ms. Shaheen Sahibole’s session

Mrs Shaheen believed in a Hands on approach to understanding STEAM and her highlight of the session was making every participant take part in making a creative art work using LED lights, wires, battery, paper and other such materials.

Ms. Sumita Malik’s Session

Mrs Sumita focused on the brain development and how the usage of STEAM would result in better connections of the neurons.

Panel Discussion

It was good to understand the challenges in taking STEAM forward, and try to find solutions for it. The speakers shared their perspectives and ideas that seem to give a practical approach to rolling out the change.

Mr. Kartik Raman’s Session

It was an invigorating session and helped the participants understand the importance of performing arts and especially music in the process of learning.
He stressed on the fact that music can complement learning of math, sciences and set the social context, all while creating a fun atmosphere for the child.

The conference has been an eye opener about the tremendous opportunities that are available to us. We now have a clear vision on how the changes can be brought about. We will use this to fuel our planning for shaping our curriculum which is evolving into a world-class system of education.

Madhya Pradesh Conclave | The Life India

Organised by:
Department of School Education, Madhya Pradesh

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