Leadership Institute For Early Years 2016

Leadership Institute for Early Years, 2016, was a two-day certificate leadership workshop. The certificate was issued from renowned Hopkinton Consulting Group, MA, USA. It was offered for the first time in India. LIFE aims to develop leadership skills and competencies that accelerate the process of becoming a leader at work and in the community. This multi-city conference helped individuals realize their inner potential and harnesses skills and potentials to help them develop into future leaders. The learning based module helped individuals maximize their abilities. Leading in a time of uncertainty is difficult and complicated. Early childhood professionals and leaders were given insights into the right tools to navigate through this complex journey during turbulent times. This institute provided research on the best practices that helped leaders in the early childhood field to motivate teachers and manage change. The conference, through its thoroughly researched pedagogy enabled future leaders to be the agents of change in their fields.

Leadership Institute For Early Year 2016


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