Dipa kalra
Early Childhood Educator
My teaching career has spanned over 18 years across three continents working with students from Pre-Kindergarten (USA and UK), General Education K-12 (India, California), Special Education at High School (California) and Undergraduate students at Loreto College in India.

I have a Masters Degree and a California Level II Education Specialist Instruction Credential  (Mild-Moderate) and am currently a tenured Special Education Teacher at Irvington High School in Fremont, California in a Special Day Class teaching 9 -12 Grade students Health and Life Science. One of the most rewarding years of my teaching experiences and personal learning was as an Early Childhood Educator. The multi-modal teaching techniques to tap multiple intelligences, using an emergent curriculum rather than a planned one, learning through tactile experiences, amongst others brought out the most creative person in my students and myself.

Since 2012 I have been in Special Education, teaching Middle and High School students with learning disabilities (ranging from Mental Retardation, Autism, Dyslexia, Downs Non-Verbal, ADHD, ADD and ED), English Language Learners and At-Risk students. Working with students with special needs was something I stumbled upon as a substitute teacher and found that I was a natural and enjoyed so much that I switched my Teaching Credential Program from becoming a general education teacher to an Education Specialist.

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