Ms Saraswati Rajesh holds an integrated degree from Rcem Mysore. After a good number of years at Rishi Valley School, she took charge of ‘Nachiket, The Krishnamurthi Foundation of India’ – a small educational community, near Uttarkashi in Garhwal Himalayas, for first-generation learners hailing from an agricultural background.The key focus of this KFI initiative was to bring up these children without compromising on their natural sense of being, playing and learning, without thwarting their self confidence that comes from skills like ploughing, milking, identifying medicinal herbs or simply running up a steep hill effortlessly while simultaneously introducing them to formal knowledge, develop a scientific temperament and to raise issues that might challenge some fundamental belief systems like caste and gender bias, without tampering with the rustic charm of the children or complicating their simple outlook on life.She recently completed this project, which is now a travelling school under the Navajaa trust and has made herself available as a freelancing educator. Her real interest lies in non-formal education.
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