May 12, 2020

Welcome To The Online World Of Kinderdance

During this pandemic Kinderdance has taken ‘work from home’ as an opportunity rather than a challenge. We as a team of innovative educators have always worked with kids in a live session. Going online has been a very rewarding experience as a team. It has opened up new opportunities and new learnings.

Technical Enhancement:

Welcome To The Online World Of Kinderdance | The Life IndiaPAN India Kinderdance team member stepped up, shared and innovated a world filled of possibilities even during the toughest days. As a team, we learnt new technologies. Teachers showed enthusiasm, interest and dedication to adapt during the changing times.

Kinderdance team has been working on ‘zoom’ for over two years to communicate and transfer knowledge through technology across all the teams in India. Due to the recent security advisory with Zoom we moved our entire work from home to Microsoft Teams. All Kinderdance members quickly adopted the new change. Many members took initiative to help and assist other team members and worked smartly to overcome all the barriers.

Director’s Note on Importance of Hard-Working and Enthusiastic Team:

Welcome To The Online World Of Kinderdance | The Life IndiaKirthana Ramarapu, Director of Kinderdance wanted her team to be up beat and make sure that her team was not let down. She says ‘I opened the Books of Kinderdance from Finance to Sales and in every way and asked the team > How shall we continue operations? >Which direction do we move >What is the need of the hour and > What is your opinion?’.

It was the team who stood strong by my side and this not only gave an opportunity for them to feel the sense of ownership of the company but, it gave me an opportunity to learn about each and every one’s interests, skills, hidden talent, creative ideas and many many more.

Kinderdance teachers are not trained to be actors, but when this new teaching methodology of going online was brought to the table, we had self-motivated members ready to learn and be ready to teach. The challenges the teachers faced taking online class was only looked up as an opportunity to learn and create more engaging sessions. There were only solutions and efforts put to engage young minds through display monitor instead of a traditional classroom set-up.

Despite most of our teachers being young mothers and/with other domestic obligations and with little or no technological background, they worked professionally and doubled all their efforts to make Kinderdance Online Classes a great success.

The success of our online program’s effectiveness is credit to the entire Kinderdance family’s combined effort and effectiveness. Their open minded, inquisitiveness and hard-work made this achievement possible.

We would like to acknowledge our teachers and their families for their tremendous support during the online run. We also bonded with extended family members like children, parents and in-laws who took care of the children at home as well as join us in dancing during our practice sessions. These are some ‘Keepsake Memorable’ moments for us to cherish in our lives.

Excellent Parental Support

Our biggest support platform is continued commitment for the program from the children’s parents. They work with us during the odd network and technical glitches. Some of them gave us suggestions on how to overcome them. The ‘WE’ can do it together was an energy boost for our team while we are sailing a smooth ship now.

A Thank-You Note for Principals:

School Principals who looked at our innovative ways of keeping children engaged, connected with us. They supported us by adapting our online classes as part of their summer camp and curriculum. Moreover, they acknowledge the open idea of using Kinderdance platform to advance content delivery of academics. They are delighted that it is a great way to have children engaged and most importantly

“Children are learning while having fun.”

Welcome To The Online World Of Kinderdance | The Life India


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