May 2, 2020

Lockdown for Nation Not Mind

The nationwide lockdown, fortunately, has not meant a locked down mind for me. This time has given me an opportunity to grow, both as an educator and school director. Attending various webinars and workshops has meant that my professional growth has actually accelerated during the lockdown. While short-term goals may have had to be readjusted and events cancelled, there have been opportunities to connect with the best in early childhood education on broader platforms.  This learning is something I am eager to implement in classrooms soon, God willing.

I have also been working on developing a greater understanding of the use of tech in connecting with our youngest children. What I’ve learned so far is that children are so much more resilient than we give them credit for! They are also very comfortable with the use of tech, maybe even more so than some of us. Motivation is key to engaging with preschoolers, and a teacher’s smile or a word of praise can fill a child’s heart through a video call, just as much as it can in person.

I am really looking forward to implementing all this when school is back session!


Rayaan Md.

Lockdown for Nation Not Mind | The Life India


  1. Shwetha Raghavendra

    Very motivational and positive thoughts, very inspiring article ma’am.

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