May 4, 2020

Lock-down & Me

I shall categorize my experience into three zones similar to those of lock-down zones in our country (red, orange, and green) as fear zone, learning zone and growth zone.

As many, initially I was also within the fear zone experiencing panic and madness.  Instinctively engaging in all those meaningless activities such as accumulating things, listening, watching, shouting and passing on all information that I had received presuming my efforts shall alert, in fact my emotions related to fear only spread more fear to my family, friends and others.   My husband an architect by profession who used to advise me and my children that the social media’s half the news were fake that’s being circulated as viral and not to trust it.  Also, who hardly had time or interest to read them earlier, now during the lock-down time I see him with his mobile in hand peering at images, videos, reading the messages and conversing about it in depth with us and his friends.  Slowly, I also observed his helplessness, frustration and desperation in his talk.  Secondly, my mother whom I always look up to find my strength in difficult times, to my surprise she appeared totally lost, weak and terrified with all the news that surrounded her. At that point, something jolted within me and I felt myself emerging out of a trance with clarity.  My learnings helped me to exit the fear zone and changing my outlook at the isolation.

I became aware of the external situation which was beyond my control, as well as about my conscious inner self.  The routine of the days that used to circle within my home in a scripted manner from mornings to nights, with my realization of time as one of the core element of this period, I began reaching out to far off relatives, long-lost friends and everyday neighbors.  Optimistically, I actively initiated and participated in debates/discussion with families, friends, and work associates on various aspect amidst and beyond COVID-19.  Further, involved myself in reading to enhance my professional skills, connected with colleagues and other professional expertise to learn teaching perspective.

Learning with understanding has lead me to growth zone with zest to make myself and my skills useful to others, respectful of the nature, society, bearings, relationships, self mind and body, focus in the future on a positive trail

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