May 2, 2020

Do More with Less

Although sometimes I  get frustrated as we can’t step out of the house, for me lockdown has come as a blessing in disguise.  I had lost interest & confidence in cooking due to lack of time in last few years. This lock-down has helped me gain it back as I am preparing all 3 meals everyday with variety. This has resulted in eating fresh and healthy food.

In our daily life we look forward to ways in which we can reduce our stress and focus better.  Lock-down gave me a chance to learn Zentangle art which is so therapeutic which now becomes my stress buster and also helps me focus better

We get so busy in networking with our colleagues and people from same field that we actually miss out on connecting with cousins and long lost friends. During lock-down, I was able to connect with cousins and friends of college and school, with whom I haven’t spoken since long.

We keep making our to-do lists everyday but we forget to write down about our emotions, dreams, aspirations etc. Lock-down gave me time to introspect through journaling and also through meditation.

Finally lock-down made me realize that I can survive with minimum resources available which resulted in more savings during the lock-down.


  1. Very true lockdown has been a blessing in disguise to almost everyone of us.

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