Jayanti Tambe
President elect of SC CAAEYC, Professor DeAnza College, Founder Mentor In You
Jayanti Tambe is elect president of SC CAAEYC, Professor of Early Child Education at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA. Previously, she was the Executive Director of UCLA Early Care and Education. She has served as an Assistant Professor and Director of CORE (Institute for Community Research & Education) with Pacific Oaks College’s School of Education, where she specialized in Early Childhood Education. Prior to joining the PO faculty, Jayanti served as the Interim Executive Director for Pacific Oaks Children’s School (POCS) where she provided educational leadership, oversaw the day to day operations, and managed all of the children’s programs based on the principles of constructivism and experiential based education. She also served the director of the Rainbow School and Pepper Tree School at Stanford University.

Before taking on the role as Executive Director, Jayanti was a Master Teacher with POCS since the fall of 2011. Throughout this time she continued her work in the college classrooms of Santa Monica College, De Anza College and Pacific Oaks College. She has taught courses on Child, Family, Community, Music & Movement, Supporting Dual Language Learners in a Multilingual Classroom, Health & Safety, Administration in Early Childhood Education, Business and Fiscal Management, HR Administration in Educational Leadership, among others.

Jayanti is experienced in both public and private classroom settings, both nationally and internationally with demonstrated abilities to adapt teaching methods and materials to students’ individual learning styles and cultural differences. She has been appointed to serve as a Peer Reviewer for NAEYC Higher Education Accreditation. She is committed to family engagement practices in the ECE setting and in June 2010 was recognized for her efforts at the NAEYC Institute in Phoenix where the program that she supervised was recognized as one of ten exemplary programs for engaging diversity. She can speak several languages and considers this to be an asset while working with diverse families. (NAEYC-EDF Project 2010) She is the recipient of the Rose Engel Award (CAEYC-2010) for innovation in teaching practices

Jayanti has conducted workshops on Supporting Dual language Learners, The Art of Math and Science, Multicultural Storytelling, Stress in Young Children and Anti-Bias Curriculum at the NAEYC, PACE Conference, SECA Conference, University of Wisconsin and at Stanford University.
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